domingo, 22 de julho de 2012

Eu Posso Todas as Coisas Naquele que me Fortalece ( Inglês) - Pe Damásio

I can all things through who strengthens me

Padre Damásio


The Apostle St. Paul,

He said in one of his Epistles:

All I can through him who gives me strength.

Who strengthened the Apostle Paul 's?

God our father.

We live in a world,

Where we heard people say constantly:

I can't be happy

I can't win

I can't this

I can't it

I can't anything

Even people who have financial conditions


I can't overcome a problem

I can't get the happiness

Because we know, my friends,

the higher power, comes from the great God Father Almighty

And what we want in our life,

Must be in our heart, if you are in our hearts

And our heart is in God,

You can be sure,

You will be able to

Through the strength of God

Faith is the certainty of things, that we don't see

It is the conviction of what we expect to happen

Do you believe in something that you haven't seen,

You expect something that's going to happen,

Not only with hope, but with confidence

What you wish,

What you want,

You'll be able to ,Yes!

If you have a fortress

The Psalmist David already said:

God is our refuge and strength

Present at the time of distress and anguish

If you are believing in God

Believing in Good Jesus

He who was born in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary

You'll be able to Yes!

You can be happy

Have a blessed life

God does not want the worst for you

Sometimes people think

I don't have the right to be happy

I was not born to be lucky in love

I was not born to live a dignified life

Or to have a life, materially speaking, rewarded

No my friends,

This is not the divine will that you say this

God wants to see you happy!

And Yes!

Through its strength

Not as many do

Want things through evil

Destroying your neighbor,

Buy the misfortune of others

No, this does not please the creator

But if you want good stuff

Start talking about these things

What you speak, a day is going to happen!

Our voice,

It is an energy that propagates

by the entire universe

The universe created by God

So, learn this:

You can be happy!

Get what you want

You can!

Is your right!

Say this, starting today

I can all things through who strengthens me

God our father, in the unity of the Holy Spirit

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